MyLib2 (ARM SDT) - Version 2 of my library. Including my version of the multiboot loader. Also includes some of _the_ headers.

Multiboot loader

I've though up of the extension ".mb.gba" to use for roms that either run directly from flash and can be multibooted.
Such built-in multiboot loader checks wether it runs from ROM and copies to external RAM if necessary.
Note: Mappy 0.7b needs you to rename to ".mb" first because it doesn't handle the loader correctly.

For multiboot files without such loader (normal .mb files) needs to be 'patched' to work for non-multiboot aware emulators and flashcarts.
Therefore you can use mb2gba. Note that it is not very easy to do the opposite, i.e. gba2mb because you cannot copy from RAM to ROM :) - multiboot to gba rom converter (your .gba file comes after this file, at location 0x400 and you can use "copy /b" to do this)
vgba_mb.cmd.txt - batch file showing the way to do this.

Some math - Oh no... math!!! You sure want to copy/paste some of thiz...

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