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Playstation memory interface


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Playstation memory interface

Wow... playstation devices on GBA...
The voltage level in GBA mode seem to be somewhat equal... so why not :)
Below are some nice pictures but you'll want these...

mempad.txt - Playstation memory card and joypad doc
psx_schem.gif - Schematic for connecting to GBA
blah - some source code will be added later

Some pictures

Here I powered on my GBA and it starts the GbaTool program contained on the flashcard...


With the PC and my GBA-UART-cable I upload the test program...


After a while the screen is filled with useless debug info... it tries to do I/O on the serial port in general purpose mode, but the UART cable is still attached, thus...
We put in another plug...


This one is made from some existing connector. Cut, sew, glued... and you can see the bended pins to create the 6 connections the link port has. Make it so, that it fits one way. Or just buy & cut a link-cable... :P


Now this ^^ is the interesting part... A playstation memory card (wow transparent :) and another self-built connector. Don't worry.. this one is easy.. just cut an old floppy drive connector in half. Remove some pins and make the two gaps so you get 2-3-3 pins. And viola... it fits.

Now you 6 wires to connect these two connectors...


Easy uh? but don't mess up!


hmm... reads FF 08 5A 5D 00.... but shouldn't it be FF 00 5A 5D 00... ??
Well, it might be a timing problem, and that is software....

[need more stuff here]

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