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Copyright and stuff

All my own software productions on this website may be used for non-commercial and educational purposes freely unless noted otherwise. It would be of great value if you notify me of additions/improvements.
For commercial uses, I generally don't make much of a problem either, but contact me anyway.
But please do not host my files for whatever reason without permission. (while my website is alive)

I might host or link to a few useful tools that are not mine, but I won't give extensive support on those. If you don't want it hosted/linked, please say so!
They should also contain their own copyright information in the archive file or somewhere else.
External links might be broken or point to harmful content. I don't do much checking of links. People just should not (re)move their webpages. Of course you can contact me if you need a link updated. I have a cool linking system around here and I'll add it to my website if I got the time :)

This site

Me and this site are NOT affiliated with "Dark Fader recordings" whatsoever.
darkfader.net, darkfader.com are mine now. I'm aware there are other darkfaders out there and I can't blaim them for choosing that name.


Boring disclaimer...
I am not responsible for damage anything this site offers can cause (directly or indirectly).
But I might provide solutions to solve problems if they occur.
I might put newer versions of programs online. They might work better or worse for you. Always keep your own backup of old versions, since I'm bad at keeping anything organized.
Executables on this site are not extensively tested for viruses, but have a good scanner installed
No request for damaging software will be granted.

(C) Copyright Dark Fader

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