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Ofcourse I write PC programs as well...
I just mostly make tools which I put somewhere else on this site. Check out the toolbox and other pages.
DirectX is interesting too and am already looking at DX9...
This page is under construction btw.


currently queud:
- DesktopPlayer, a little change on the DirectShow sample video player. This one uses the video overlay to play a video as windows wallpaper :)
- A wallpaper changer that can load a random resource of a webpage using regular expressions to find the URL's.
(sorry, I was in a wallpaper mood lately)
- IRC fserve automated downloader using some .NET IRC library
- a (too) great game

old dumb programs:
- FakeLocked, a fake lock-out screen to retrieve a passport of someone
- simple CD-copy protection loader, tool to generate bad sectors, volume label checker
- memory cheat tool (should move to toolbox...)



DirectX - Great 3D API :)

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